Card Export II

Card Export II for PPC 3.22

Deal with storage cards directly from Windows


  • Compatible with all major multimedia card formats
  • Performs fast card back-ups
  • Supports multi-card configuration
  • Easy card data management


  • I wish it was free!

There's so much good stuff lurking on my computer that I forever want to take it with me and share it with the people I meet on my travels. Having recently lost my USB stick and not owning a memory card reader makes this a bit tricky though. Thankfully, Card Export II addresses this issue, allowing you copy data from your PC or Mac to the multimedia card or internal memory on your Pocket PC.

The application is ever-so easy to use: simply rig your phone up to your computer via the USB cable and a few seconds later the memory cards installed in your handset will show up as removable media in Windows Explorer. You can then simply transfer these onto your handset using your Pocket PC to slide them across.

If used properly, the program can save you the money because you don't need to buy additional mobile memory. It's ease of use means that if you need to take data around with you, then you need to install Card Export II.

Card Export II


Card Export II for PPC 3.22

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